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I made a Award :)
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


  Friendship quotes !

*There's nothing you could ever say or do that would split ower friendship apart !

* You're ... My friend, My Companion, through good times and bad , you are my friend my buddy , through happy and sad ,beside me you stand , beside me you walk , you're there to listen, you're there to talk, with happiness, with smiles , with pain and tears , I know you will be there through out the years !

* A friend is someone who will always be there for you forever !

*SO WE'RE CRAZY.. Together we [party] together we cry kept every single -s e c r e t - && and and covered every single lie, becuz were [[Best friends]] till the day we die!

* Flowers of true friendship never fade. Even in harsh condion, friendship never gives up , it is a promise made forever .

 enjoy the qoutes :)


Hannah said...

Friends are people who care
Friends are people who are always there.

~Cara~ said...