I made a Award :)

I made a Award :)
Please put the Award on your blog my followers :)

This Is Very True I Will Wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Naomi- Hello , You get the pic of the cat with the mouse.So please take the pic and put it on your blog please.

Becca- you get the pic of the kitten in the cup .So please take the pic and put it on your blog . Thank you :D

Stephanie - You get the pic of the four kittens looking up. So please take the pic and put it on your blog .Please and thank you.

Emily- You get the pic of the two white kittens .So please take the pic and put the pic on your blog . Please.
And the last one can go to whoever wants it :D
Thanks enjoy the pic's


Stephanie said...

Hey Cara!
I get my blog backgrounds by changing my entire template, which is hard. I see you just change backgrounds by putting a new html gadget on your blog, right? I used to do that, and when I did I got my backgrounds from:






just go to those sites for some really cool backgrounds! =D

Hannah said...

Hi Cara,
Thanks for your comment on my blog, and I'm more than happy to follow yours!

Rachel M. said...

Hi Cara!
Thank you for following my blog! :)
I pray that it is a blessing as you come visit.
I pray you have a blessed weekend, Cara, and God loves you so much! He hears your prayers and understands what you go through. :) Praise Him!

Love lots,
Rachel M. from Hopejourney

Cara said...

Thanks rachel you are a very nice teenager:D
So are all my followers:D.